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This physics course curriculum for 10th standard is set after detailed examination over the need of the students, so as to ensure that nothing in the syllabus of BoSEM and CBSE is left out.

– Slight deviation in explanations are made in certain topics to provide extra information to the students.

– Regular updation will be done to meet the changing requirements.

* We are always happy to improve ourselves with your kind suggestions.

Course Curriculum

An Introduction to Class-X Physics FREE 00:04:00
Electricity – An Introduction FREE 00:04:00
Electric Charge FREE 00:09:00
Problem Based on Electric Charge FREE 00:03:00
Problems Based on Electric Charge(2) FREE 00:04:00
Electric Circuit and Circuit Symbols 00:09:00
Diagram Representation of Open and Closed Circuit 00:04:00
Electric Current 00:07:00
Problems based on Electric Current 00:06:00
Electric Potential and Potential Difference 00:23:00
Application Type of Question on Potential Difference 00:07:00
Ohm’s Law 00:06:00
Factors Affecting Resistance and Resistivity 00:11:00
Electrical Resistivity 00:07:00
Relation between Potential Difference,Resistance and Current 00:15:00
Problems Based on Electrical Resistivity 00:08:00
Problems Based on Finding Resistance from Resistivity 00:08:00
Verification of Ohm’s Law 00:16:00
Combination of Resistors (series) 00:18:00
Combination of Resisters (parallel) 00:13:00
Mixed Combination of Registers 00:14:00
Heating Effect of Electric Current 00:11:00
Problems based on Heating Effect of Electric Current 00:10:00
Chapter 2 - MAGNETISM
Magnetism – An Introduction FREE 00:14:00
Magnetic Effect of Electric Current 00:20:00
Right Hand Thumb Rule 00:12:00
Magnetic Field due to a Circular Loop 00:07:00
Magnetic Force on a Current Carrying Conductor 00:12:00
Fleming’s Left Hand Rule 00:07:00
Electric Motor 00:14:00
Electromagnetic Induction – An Introduction 00:05:00
Faraday’s Experiment On Electromagnetic Induction 00:23:00
Fleming’s Right Hand Rule 00:06:00
Alternating Current And Direct Current 00:08:00
Reflection Of Light 00:15:00
Types Of Reflection 00:07:00
Types Of Image 00:05:00
Mirror 00:10:00
Spherical Mirrors (concave Mirror And Concave Mirror) 00:10:00
Rays Used In The Image Formation Of Spherical Mirror 00:04:00
Image Formation By A Concave Mirror 00:19:00
Image Formation By Concave Mirror (at A Glance) 00:07:00
Image Formation By A Convex Mirror 00:14:00
Sign Covention And Mirror Formula 00:07:00
Magnification 00:07:00
Refraction Of Light 00:10:00
Refraction Of Light (Speed of Light) 00:05:00
Refractive Index 00:10:00
Problem Based On Refractive Index 00:08:00
Relative Refractive Index 00:09:00
Problem Based On Refractive Index And Speed Of Light 00:06:00
Questions Based On Refraction Of Light 00:04:00
Successive Refraction Through A Glass Slab 00:12:00
Refraction Through Lens 00:23:00
Image Formation Due To A Convex Lens – Part 1 00:21:00
Image Formation Due To A Convex Lens – Part 2 00:21:00
Image Formation Due To A Concave Lens 00:12:00
Lens Formula 00:11:00
Problem Based On Lens 00:07:00
Human Eye 00:19:00
Defects Of Human Eye (myopia) 00:11:00
Defects Of Human Eye (hypermetropia) 00:07:00
Defects Of Human Eye (presbyopia & Astigmatism) 00:08:00
Dispersion Of Light – Prism (part-1) 00:06:00
Dispersion Of Light (part-2) 00:17:00
Atmospheric Refraction 00:15:00

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