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This chemsistry course curriculum for 10th standard is set after detailed examination over the need of the students, so as to ensure that nothing in the syllabus of BoSEM and CBSE is left out.

– Slight deviation in explanations are made in certain topics to provide extra information to the students.

– Regular updation will be done to meet the changing requirements.

* We are always happy to improve ourselves with your kind suggestions.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Lavoisier’s Classification FREE 00:14:00
Dobereiner’s Law of Traids FREE 00:20:00
Newland’s Law of Octaves FREE 00:12:00
Mendeleev’s Periodic Table FREE 00:16:00
Merits and Demerits of Mendeleev’s Periodic Table FREE 00:29:00
Modern Periodic Table 00:16:00
Determination of Periods and Groups 00:07:00
Some Details Of Modern Periodic Table 00:10:00
Characteristics of Periods (Valence Electron and Valency) 00:07:00
Characteristics of Periods (Size of Atoms) 00:12:00
Metallic Character (Modern Periodic Table) 00:08:00
Electropositivity and Electronegativity (Modern Periodic Table) 00:12:00
Chemical Reactivity (Modern Periodic Table) 00:04:00
Characteristics of Groups (Valence Electrons and Valency) 00:08:00
Comparision between Periods and Groups 00:09:00
Chapter 1 (Periodic Classification Of Elements) MCQs 00:00:00
Download Study Materials for Chapter 1 – PERIODIC CLASSIFICATION OF ELEMENTS FREE 00:00:00
Chemical Bonding – An Introduction FREE 00:06:00
Electrovalent Bonding 00:27:00
Ionic Compound and its Properties 00:15:00
Covalent Bonding 00:12:00
Properties of Covalent Compound 00:03:00
Bond Pair and Lone Pair 00:04:00
Vsepr Theory 00:09:00
Polar Covalent Compounds 00:09:00
Coordinate Bonding 00:10:00
Bonding in Metals 00:07:00
Chapter 2 (Chemical Bonding) MCQs 00:00:00
Chapter 3 - Acids, Bases and Salts
What is an Acid FREE 00:10:00
What is a Base 00:03:00
Salt 00:03:00
Types of Salts 00:10:00
Chemical Properties of Acid 00:07:00
What do all Acids have in common 00:14:00
Chemical Properties of Bases 00:06:00
What do all Bases Have in Common 00:06:00
Strong Base and Weak Base 00:04:00
Indicators and It’s Types 00:07:00
Universal Indicators 00:04:00
Ph Value 00:09:00
Importance of Ph in everyday life 00:14:00
Chapter 3 (Acids, Bases and Salts) MCQ 00:00:00
Chapter 4 - Chemical Reactions and Equations
Chemical Reactions and Equations – An Introduction FREE 00:04:00
Chemical Reactions 00:04:00
Characteristics of Chemical Reactions 00:03:00
Chemical Equations 00:06:00
Balanced and Unbalanced Equation 00:09:00
Balancing a Chemical Equation 00:12:00
Types of Chemical Reaction 00:03:00
Combination Reaction 00:04:00
Decomposition Reaction 00:07:00
Decomposition Reaction (Thermal Decomposition) 00:03:00
Decomposition Reaction (Photochemical Decomposition) 00:04:00
Decomposition Reaction (Electrolytic Decomposition) 00:12:00
Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions 00:10:00
Displacement Reactions 00:13:00
Oxidation and Reduction Reactions (Oxidising Agent and Reducing Agent) 00:14:00
Slow, moderate & Fast Reactions 00:10:00
Oxidation in Everyday Life 00:10:00
Oxidation Reaction in Everyday Life (Prevention of Corrosion and Rusting) 00:12:00
Rancidity and its Prevention 00:10:00
Chapter 4 (Chemical Reactions and Equations) MCQs 00:00:00
Chapter 5 - Metals and Non-Metals
Metals and Non-Metals – An Introduction FREE 00:03:00
Physical Properties of Metals 00:19:00
Physical Properties of Non-metals 00:11:00
Some Factual Information on Metals and Non-metals 00:04:00
Reaction of Metals with Oxygen 00:10:00
Amphoteric Oxide 00:09:00
Reaction of Metal with Water 00:06:00
Reaction of Metal with Dilute Acid 00:06:00
Reaction of Non-metal with Oxygen 00:10:00
Basics on Metallurgy 00:12:00
Metallurgy (1) Concentration of Ores 00:30:00
Extraction of Least Reactive Metals 00:09:00
Extraction of Middle Reactive Metals 00:08:00
Reducing Agent used in Metal Extraction 00:09:00
Aluminothermic Process 00:08:00
Extraction of Highly Reactive Metal (Electrolytic Reduction) 00:17:00
Refining of Metals 00:07:00
Alloys 00:09:00
Chapter 5 (Metals and Non-Metals) MCQs 00:00:00

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