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About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re at the right place. 

Enlightopedia is an online based educational platform that aims at providing quality education through modern technology – developed by collegiate students by collaborating with the most renowned educators of Manipur. We believe that with the help of technology we can transcend traditional boundaries. Where, this self-paced method of learning process is measured in terms of conceptual clarity and quest for further knowledge in diverse areas even where the textbooks information has reached its extremity.

Our Speciality

Every course on Enlightopedia is taught by the most-renowned educators of our state, who have gained tremendous knowledge and experience from various world-class platforms.

Discussion forum

Discussion forum provided by ENLIGHTOPEDIA will help the students in the development of their cognitive and critical thinking skills, in-depth reflection on course topics, facilitates exploratory learning by allowing oneself to review and respond to the work of others. Thereby, enhancing large-scale information exchange.

Short & Concise

The lectures are made short and concise without compromising the quality of the content. Thereby, imparting the required knowledge in a short period of time.

Chapterwise MCQs and Course Assessment Quiz

Tests in the form of MCQs are provided for each and every courses of Enlightopedia for self-evaluation.

Downloadable Study Materials

Study materials for the courses published will be made downloadable to the subscribers to assist themselves during their course of learning.


Enlightopedia envision a state where anyone from anywhere, at anytime can experience and transform his/her life by accessing the world-class learning platform. We believe that with the help of technology we can transcend traditional boundaries.


Under the umbrella of Enlightopedia we are providing comprehensive courses from class IX to XII compatible for BoSEM, CoSHEM & CBSE. The platform provided by Enlightopedia will benefit all the students irrespective of “far or near” and “rich or poor”.


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